Our People & Our Environment

Our People

Our employees are the most valuable assets of the Group. By ensuring safe and harmonious workplace, offering competitive pay packages, rewarding employees based on merit, providing opportunities for personal growth and embracing fair employment standards and practices, we strive to create a well-motivated and satisfied workforce.

We place great emphasis on employee involvement and empowerment by fostering open communication amongst employees at all levels and with the Management. We provide an avenue where employees can communicate their ideas and feedback, report their respective market outlook and performance results during internal meetings and budget forum, and work autonomously. Our employees are encouraged to take initiative and lead, thus giving them opportunity to be more confident and be able employ their current skills set, improve it further and gain new ones.

The Company rewards the employees in terms of promotion, compensation, and other benefits based on their responsibilities, individual work performance and achievement of sales targets, as and when applicable. We also provide a comprehensive range of benefits such as leave entitlements, medical and dental benefits, transport allowance and company transport services, and others. Performance reviews of our employees are conducted regularly where the employee and his superior openly discusses the employee’s performance, areas for improvement, performance targets for the succeeding year and career plan.

In order to achieve our goals, employees are encouraged to take up various training and development programmes such as professional training, executives and leadership development as well as technical seminars. Employees are also granted paid examination leave for any courses sponsored or approved by the Company.

Lastly, we uphold integrity and professionalism in the conduct of our overall business activities. We do not tolerate unethical labor practices and discrimination amongst our employees. We respect the cultural values and diversity of our people and the community where we are operating in.



Our Environment

To protect our environment and the resources available for future generations, the Company believes in long-term sustainability, especially in terms of our behavior and business practices. Sustainably appropriate environmental actions are not just critical in view of the threats of climate change but also beneficial as these bring about improvement in operational efficiency, giving us competitive edge and delivering bottom line benefits.

We have embarked on certain green initiatives in the workplace by reducing consumption, implementing energy-efficient measures and increasing paper recycling to reduce resource depletion.



FY 2014 Achievements



Automation of processes implemented in the ERP system over the last few years, as mentioned above, had either significantly reduced or eliminated the usage of papers. The Company is continuously looking towards improving work processes while enhancing efforts to go paperless to increase automation, efficiency, accuracy and productivity.